We work with organizations on three broad service lines

Leadership Development

While organizations are striving for finding newer and better ways of competing in the marketplace, Leadership continues to be the most potent tool in ensuring continued business success. Attracting, Retaining and above all Developing Leaders is the single most important goal for any organization. Ironical as it may be, while businesses feel Leadership Development should be the top most priority of HR and over USD20Billion is being spent on the same, only a handful of leadership development initiative see light of success. At Consentus Advisory we believe that leader development programs should be futuristic, relevant and above all focused on the individual. Our experts work with your teams on the entire spectrum of leadership development that includes:

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Organizational Effectiveness

The world of work is changing at a pace and scale never seen before. Organizations are faced with newer and more complex changes every day. Technology and Innovation have made instability and disruption the new norms. Modern organizations depend more and more on the knowledge of their staff and need complex systems and processes to gain the best out of them. Our Organization Effectiveness expert enable higher order effectiveness in each aspect of enterprise functioning. Our practice areas include:

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Business Consulting

Businesses today need fresh thinking; innovation and expertise that will help them win over competition continuously. Consentus Advisory’s business consulting experts bring deep industry knowledge, meaningful insights and the broadest range of capabilities. With decades of experience in building, managing and scaling business across industry segments we partner you across the range of business consulting services

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