Organization Design

A well-designed organization enables each and every member to work with clarity, enablement, empowerment & collaboration to deliver performance that contributes to the achievement of organizational goals. At an Organizational level, research proves that well designed and well managed enterprises are four times more likely to achieve sustained, profitable growth. Having the right organization design is the first step towards your business success.

Our design experts work with your teams help design and implement operating models that translate your strategy into effective execution, to deliver results. We believe in developing a model that:

  • Is aligned across the elements of your objectives, aspirations, systems, processes, people and more importantly the external context of your business.

  • Enables each and every participant to put in his/her best effort in the most empowering and engaging manner.

  • Supports the business strategy, operating principles and values that you want to operate with.

  • Ensures that critical decisions are made and executed quickly with a sharp focus on value, and;

  • Brings efficiencies and effectiveness into business operations

  • Builds on the positive aspects of a company’s culture, heritage and values.

  • And most importantly is agile and future proof.

Our philosophy and design principles have evolved over a period of time. Our experts bring industry specific insights to the well researched 6 step methodology that we follow:

  1. Understanding the current context and the requirements: We start with understanding the current state and challenges that are driving the need for redesigning the organization. Understanding if the triggers are internal, external or people related is a mission critical step in the whole process. These triggers could include: external factors, such as technological disruption or an evolution of the regulatory environment; strategy changes, such as a major acquisition or entry in a new market; or internal challenges such as excess cost and complexity, ineffective decision-making or a founder approaching retirement. This ensures that all the stakeholders are aligned and excited to bring in the transformation that the organization needs.

  2. Organizational assessment: We use proprietary methodology to assess the current organizations effectiveness that then serves as a basis of future planning.

  3. Identification and finalization of the structure imperatives: Once we assess the current state at the organization we work with your stakeholders to identify the key imperatives of the new / redesigned organization structure.

  4. Structure design: Based on the agreed design principles our experts then work to evaluate various options of design and structure before coming up with the best design and the reasons there of. Collaborative discussions with the key stakeholders then enable us to propose the new design for your organization.

  5. Transition strategy: We leverage our expertise in execution consulting space to create a transition strategy that is not only effective but also one that creates minimum disruption to the running operations.

  6. Change Management & Mobilization: Appointing and aligning the right leaders, establishing strong change governance and creating clear implementation, engagement and sponsorship plans—along with identifying critical enablers such as behavior change—is critical to the success of an organization restructuring. We work with you till the last mile to ensure successful transition of the operations to the new model.