Leader Assessment

Every organization needs a clear picture of the current strengths and future potential of its Leaders. This serves as a critical input in all strategic discussions and decisions of the organization. It also enables organizations to carve out the development path for its leaders and work on filling leadership gaps as a whole.

We bring expertise of designing and administrating context specific assessments right form the CEO to the middle managers. Our assessments provide multidimensional view of each leader’s current capabilities, future potential, performance de-railers, strengths and opportunity areas. Leaders benefit greatly from the scientifically gained insights about their own behaviors, personality and traits that define their leadership styles and move towards becoming more effective in their jobs.

Our assessments will help you see where your leaders are strong and where they need to focus their development, who are ready now, and how you will prioritize development to get others ready for your future needs.

At an organization / team level we provide you insights and analytics about your collective leadership strengths and gaps. At an individual level our assessments help you to take informed selection and promotion decisions.

Our experts work with your teams to create relevant and complete assessments for your leaders using worlds best:

  • Psychometric Assessment: Our team comprises of certified assessors of tools like Hogan, Leadership Circle, Clifton Strengths Finder, Caliper, MBTI etc.

  • Business and Leadership Simulations: Our in-house team of experts helps customize business stimulations, case studies, role plays etc to the context of your business. These are then administered by our certified assessors to gain deep insights to leaders orientations.

  • Feedback-based assessments: Our 4X 360 Degree Feedback survey is rated as on of the world’s most effective feedback based assessment. We also provide ‘Qualitative survey’ feedback as a part of Leader Assessment practice.

  • Behavioural Event Interviewing based Assessments: Behavioural Event Interview (BEI) is a structured interview format that is used to collect information about an individual’s past behavior. It is based on the premise that past behavior is the best predictor for future behavior.We use open ended questions to uncover and analyze a candidate’s behavior in the past in order to predict his future performance.Each question helps the interviewer learn about the candidate’s past performance in a key skill area that is critical to success in the position for which interview is being conducted. The purpose of the BEI method is to find out the real actions performed by a person as against what they said they did. Asking people to describe how they actually behaved in specific incidents and questioning the details of their actions accomplish this. BEI is the primary tool for the Job Competency Assessment process. BEI data helps identify competencies that predict superior or effective job performance. The basic principle behind its use is that what people think or say about their motives/skills is not credible due to the risk of self-serving bias. However, what they actually do i.e. their behavior in critical incidents that they have faced, is more credible and a better predictor of performance.