While organizations are striving for finding newer and better ways of competing in the marketplace, Leadership continues to be the most potent tool in ensuring continued business success. Attracting, Retaining and above all Developing Leaders is the single most important goal for any organization. Ironical as it may be, while businesses feel Leadership Development should be the top most priority of HR and over USD20Billion is being spent on the same, only a handful of leadership development initiative see light of success. At Consentus Advisory we believe that leader development programs should be futuristic, relevant and above all focused on the individual. Our experts work with your teams on the entire spectrum of leadership development that includes:

Leader Assessment

Every organization needs a clear picture of the current strengths and future potential of its Leaders. This serves as a critical input in all strategic discussions and decisions of the organization. It also enables organizations to carve out the development path for its leaders and work on filling leadership gaps as a whole.We bring expertise of designing and administrating context specific assessments right form the CEO to the middle managers. Our assessments provide multidimensional view of each leader’s current capabilities, future potential, performance de-railers, strengths and opportunity areas. Leaders benefit greatly from the scientifically gained insights about their own behaviors, personality and traits that define their leadership styles and move towards becoming more effective in their jobs.

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Executive Coaching

As the complexities of businesses increase and challenges of Leadership take new shape Business Leaders need personalized Coaching to succeed and grow. Based on decades of experience in running complex businesses across industries and geographies, our Coaches help executives reach their potential – in a way that is perfectly aligned with business objectives

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Leadership Education

Effective Leadership is one of the biggest competitive advantages that an Organization can have. 60% of the companies face leadership shortage that impedes their performance. Almost 87% Organizations feel that they do not have effective plans to develop their existing leaders and create a robust Leadership pipeline. We work with your teams to design and deliver programs that enhance the capabilities of your leaders in their current roles and prepare them for the future

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